Best beach destination in the world


​With more than 4000 years of history, the city of Lagos is now an unavoidable tourist attraction in Europe and in the World.

The unique natural beauty of its coast combined with its historical legacy preserved in its walls and churches, make this city a "must go" destination for any traveler.

Ponta da Piedade

Unique location!


This set of rock formations and cliffs is one of the most sought after tourist spots in the Algarve due to its natural beauty.


Enter one of several typical boats and explore all the caves and secrets and let yourself be carried away by this beautifull place.


We are sure that you will never forget ...


Within walking distance of the city center you can enjoy the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

Golden beaches and crystal clear waters fill the entire coast of the city giving its visitors the best that beach tourism has to offer.

The average temperature of the water reaches 23º.

City Centre


Walk down the narrow streets and discover the local shops and typical gastronomy of this region in the various restaurants located in the city center.

Let yourself be carried away by the stories of the museums, churches and ramparts, or just enjoy a beautiful walk along the city's riverside promenade.



The climate of this region is favorable to a visit during practically all the year. With an average of days of sunshine over 300 days a year, it is the perfect place to meet and enjoy in calm and tranquility outside of the periods of greater tourist affluence.

In winter, average temperatures reach 14 ° C and precipitation levels are low. In the spring and autumn temperatures are around 22 °, with the occurrence of precipitation being more common. In summer the average temperature is 28º with hot days and cool nights.