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Would you like to have a private chef on your apartment preparing the best of the Portuguese Cuisine?

Have a unique food experience and call Chef Vanessa!

Price per person is 60€, 25€ for children.



Starters (choose two):

  • Cheese board (a selection of 5 cheeses, corn bread, traditional bread from the Algarve, nuts, fresh fruits, charcuterie, olives, organic honey and homemade jam)

  • Local charcuterie board (with Moorish carrots and traditional bread)

  • Cheese gratin with fresh rosemary, organic honey (homemade toasts and chili jam)

  • Sauté fresh mushrooms with typical Algarve chorizo (served with marinated olives, corn bread and traditional bread)

  • Tuna (dry salted tuna) with fresh herb vinaigrette (served with traditional bread)

  • Fried shrimp with garlic and chili (served with traditional bread)

  • Monchique Frigineco (pork, served with traditional bread and marinated olives)

  • Locally caught octopus (with roasted pepper bell salad and traditional bread)

  • Marinated anchovies with garlic and olive oil (with traditional bread and homemade aromatic butter)

Main Courses (choose one):

  • Razor clams rice (“Arroz de lingueirão”)

  • Monkfish and shrimp rice

  • Free range chicken casserole, with a traditional charcuterie selection (served with homemade toasts, corn bread and traditional bread)

  • Codfish (with white or sweet potato)

  • Codfish with traditional chorizo (served with traditional bread)

  • Fresh tuna with sweet potato

  • Traditional fried rabbit (with olives and roasted potatoes)

  • Meatloaf with my special sauce (veal, roasted potatoes and seasonal salad)

  • Shrimp curry (special recipe with basmati rice and nuts)

  • Fresh cuttlefish  (with rice)

  • Local caught octopus with sweet potatoes

  • Local caught octopus with corn bread crumble and roasted potatoes, rocket salad and herb vinaigrette dressing.

Desserts (choose one):

  • Orange with citrus reduction

  • Creamy corn meal cake with coconut and red berries

  • Coconut iced cake

  • Chocolate and walnuts crumble ice cream with caramel sauce

  • Tropical fruit salad with passion fruit sauce